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    By zing woof, December 27, 2017
  • I went to Hood-Case from Pre-K to 5th grade. They taught really well and I am now in the MAP program. The teachers were really nice but that was probably because I always followed directions. It might not be the same for other kids, but that's probably because they are either troublemakers, or they learn at a slower pace. From my experience, I would recommend it to other children.
    By A Google User, December 02, 2017
  • i Went here for elementary and i loved it here. The OG Longfellow, great teachers well most were. And an amazing environment. I went here 3rd 4th and 5th grade, i made many friends, and yea. The name has changed but this will always be Longfellow in my heart.
    By Lt Kill, October 21, 2017
  • I have known Bob Clements for 15 years and he is truly a BRILLIANT man. His knowledge of the law and its practical application in today’s world is an immediate asset to his clients as well as his associates. Outside his professional life he is an avid reader of abstract theory that most of us can’t entirely understand. He is a great family man and a friend to me.
    By Michael Peres, July 23, 2017

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